Fun for Fido

Dogs will love their own private room with a long private patio for stretching their legs. All rooms are comfortably air-conditioned and heated. We offer personalized room service and housekeeping through out the day. Our kennels are bright, roomy, and spotlessly clean. All boarding stays include FREE daily playcare where they can romp and run and relax the night away. Dog’s… Continue reading Fun for Fido


Pet Items to Bring on Vacation

Toys, a leash, important medication—these are no-brainers when you’re preparing to vacation with your dog or cat. Because such a vacation takes so much preparation—especially if you’re traveling with a pet for the first time—it’s virtually impossible to leave these essentials at home. Other items? They might not even cross your mind. But without them,… Continue reading Pet Items to Bring on Vacation

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Prescription Dog Food – When is it a Good Idea?

Most dogs can eat any of a number of over the counter foods and thrive. Dog foods that follow AAFCO (Association of American Feed Control Officials) regulations and are labeled as being nutritionally complete and balanced will meet the needs of “typical” pets… as long as they are healthy. But when disease strikes, over the… Continue reading Prescription Dog Food – When is it a Good Idea?