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Thanksgiving – Dos and Don’ts

The holidays are all about family. And that includes your furry family members. To keep your pets safe, be aware of the dangers of Thanksgiving leftovers. If you decide to feed your pet a little nibble of turkey, make sure it’s boneless and well-cooked. Don’t offer raw or undercooked turkey, which may contain salmonella bacteria.… Continue reading Thanksgiving – Dos and Don’ts

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Keep Your Pets Safe This Fall With These 5 Tips

1. Fleas and ticks love hiding under fallen leaves and other seasonal debris once it gets chilly out. If your pets spend a fair amount of time outdoors, be sure to rake the leaves and dispose of them promptly to continue keeping your furry friends pest-free. 2. It’s that time of year to be on… Continue reading Keep Your Pets Safe This Fall With These 5 Tips


Health Benefits of Pet Ownership

Pet ownership comes with plenty of proven perks. Animals, especially dogs, have earned the title “man’s best friend” by offering loyalty, companionship and unconditional love in ways that humans just can’t. Now, a growing body of research suggests pet ownership also comes with some welcome health benefits. Pets can be a lot of fun for… Continue reading Health Benefits of Pet Ownership