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We’re Hiring!!

Dog’s Day Inn is looking for an individual to fill a full time position at our very popular and fast paced boarding, grooming, and daycare facility. We house 50 to 100 plus animals on an average day and take great pride in what we do!

You would need to be available to work any shift between the hours of 7am and 7pm seven days a week. (Schedule varies with occupancy). Must be willing to work indoors/outdoors in both summer and winter temps. We take care and clean up after the dogs in all weather conditions. Must be energetic and physically fit, or capable to handle hard work and dogs over 100 lbs. Must be punctual, dependable, and keep a good attitude with customers, coworkers, and most importantly the DOGS!

We accept all breeds and temperaments at our facility, so it is mandatory that you are completely comfortable with dogs of all sizes. APPLY IN PERSON. PROFESSIONAL EXPERIENCE IS PREFERRED BUT NOT REQUIRED!!


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