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Tips for Boarding Your Cat

Choose the boarding facilities with care. Some are great — others, not so much. Use your eyes, ears, and nose when checking out pet hotels. Good facilities are clean, smell fresh, and are quiet. You should not hear loud noises and barking in the cat-boarding areas. Remember that cat senses are more sensitive than those of people. Loud noises and strong smells can stress them.

Your cats need spacious quarters. Condos should be large enough to include shelves the cats can climb up to, places to hide, and room for toys and a bed. The placement of the feeding stations is important — the condos need to be big enough so that they are not placed next to the litter boxes.

Check out the dog quarters. Good pet boarding facilities that also accommodate dogs house the dog guests in separate areas so that the barking does not stress the cats.

Meet the staff. There should be enough employees available that they interact with the individual feline guests a number of times during the day. Someone should also be on the premises at night to monitor the cats. Additionally, there should be a veterinarian on call, just in case there is an emergency.

Cat hotels can double as a home away from home. House bonded buddies together for company and security. Pack a suitcase for your cats, filling it with their favorite toys, beds, treats, and food. Do not forget the articles of clothing that have your smell on them. Staff members can place one scented article in the condo every day you are away.

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