What to expect when your dog returns home from boarding

Your pet will undoubtedly be happy to see you after your trip. Following a few simple steps will help ease the transition back to home life.

  • Over-excitement may make a pet pant a lot and act thirsty. He is probably not thirsty, and had plenty of water available. Give him a few ice cubes to tide him over until he settles down.
  • Food, Ditto. However, please be aware that excessive drinking and eating may lead to digestive upsets and bloating. Do not feed your pet for at least three hours after coming home from the kennel, and then limit the food and water you provide until he has settled back into home life.
  • Pets enjoy their vacation just as you do. Kennel life can be very exciting. Some dogs are more active, running and exercising with their boarding neighbors. These dogs can leave the kennel tired, but happy, and wish to snooze.
  • Re-establish home patterns by following a normal schedule. Pets love following a schedule — it makes them feel safe and secure.
  • After you pick up your pet allow him/her to find that “at home” feeling again before letting him out of the house.

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