Our Philosophy on Daycare and Group Play

Our number one priority is the safety and well being of your pet! That being said, we want to go on record as saying that the concept of doggy daycare and group play is well intended, but can also be an accident waiting to happen. Anytime you have a pack of dogs, the pack mentality can lead to a dangerous situation. Breaking up a dog fight can go bad in a heartbeat. This is serious business! Bite wounds can range from minor to even life threatening… One needs only to read the signage that surrounds all public dog parks warning pet owners to enter at their own risk!

So, why do many Daycare and Boarding customers expect and sometimes demand that we put the fun and freedom of their dog above the safety of other dogs, staff members, and property? This simply, absolutely will not happen! We CAN promise you that your dogs will be kept busy and happy while you are gone, and will always look forward to returning to visit us in the future. We have daily activities and play time for all dogs! We are professionals in our field, and you must trust our judgement when it comes to group play.

We have learned that dogs are dogs! They can defend something, can have a bad day, can learn many things, but things change. They act differently depending on the day, and circumstances. Too many hyped up dogs in close proximity can lead to bad situations! We have to be realistic about your dog’s potential as a yard playmate. Doggie daycare is not the appropriate place to leave your pet for help in fixing behavior problems, especially problems with other dogs.

When there is a group of dogs that are allowed to run together, they instinctively try to establish a rank or pack order. If there are several dogs who want to establish a certain rank within the yard, there are going to be problems. There is ALWAYS a good possibility that a fight will develop to determine in which order various dogs fall. Food and toys are a joy- to the dog to whom they belong. Another dog’s food and toys are an invitation; some dogs may want to take these desired objects by any means. When a new dog comes into a yard that other dogs visit regularly, the new dog is often seen as an intruder into the “personal territory” of the regular dog. More often than not, they are NOT seen as a new found friend. This can lead either to territorial aggression, dominance aggression or fear aggression.

Pets can even be injured during natural dog play. Biting, chasing, and rolling around together can cause abrasions, scratches, punctures, and even muscle strains. Therefore, it must be understood that any interactive play setting is not without some risk of injury. Despite being handled with the greatest amount of care and foresight, dogs are not predictable, and the unexpected may occur. Our standard recommendation is no more than 3 or 4 approved dogs per staff member, assuming that those dogs can be safely managed by that one staff member.

We look forward to providing your pets with the excellent care that they deserve, in a safe and responsible manner. As always, we welcome your questions, thoughts and suggestions.


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